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Among the list of beautiful and successful actress, Elisha Cuthbert is one of the sensational actress who has been successful in creating her own space and fame.

is set on a Colorado spread, with Colt Bennett (Kutcher) returning home after a brief semi-pro football career to run the family business with his brother Jimmy (Danny Masterson).

Cuthbert will play Cold’s old flame, a former cheerleader.

But, if you're around the same age as I am, there's probably one aspect that will capture your attention more than any other: the (who has a window into the music world through her husband, Menno Versteeg of Hollerado), follows a fictional band called The Plateaus as they attempt to follow up their Indie 88-core hit "YNG LUV" after their lead singer dies while writing the follow-up. It was a fine vibe, but I remember thinking "oh, this is going to take a lot." And then Mac De Marco and Win Butler walked up towards the stage and all of a sudden the room started coming in. I walked up at one point and he was like [in a pitch perfect Jay Baruchel voice] "Tyler Kyte! This is years in the making." Because, like I said, we had never met before. And it's awesome to see people create work for themselves, younger people who are not sitting around waiting for an audition or waiting for someone to call them with an opportunity.

Along the way, they feud with their rival band Kiss Me I'm Stylish, played by Elisha Cuthbert, Jay Baruchel and Tyler Kyte, the three original hosts of , the '90s Canadian show that taught kids the science of gravity through tennis balls and roller coasters and showed them how to make boogers. I think part of the reason that it so hits people's nostalgia centres is that it's something that's only Canadian. We're like a real band." I remember the Polaris afterparty last year. And then Mac jumped up on the speaker and, boom, chaos ensued. He loved the songs, he was singing along, it was infectious. So getting to work with him on was amazing because those guys, Elisha and Jay, have worked so much on set. Rather they're going out and making opportunities for themselves. Why wait around for an opportunity when you can just create it yourself?

C'est en 2001 que la jeune fille connaît la consécration avec la série d'action 24 dans laquelle elle incarne la fille rebelle de l'agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland).

Apparaissant aux génériques de Back to school (retour à la fac) (2003) et Love actually (id.), elle dévoile ses charmes en interprétant en 2004 une ex-star du porno dans Girl next door.

She has crossed over to Hollywood and has fitted in perfectly to the scheme of things in the industry.Après avoir été modèle durant l'enfance, Elisha Cuthbert débute sa carrière de comédienne en 1997 dans la série télévisée Popular mechanics for the kids.La même année, elle effectue ses premiers pas cinématographiques avec le long métrage Dancing on the moon, bientôt suivi de Airspeed (1998) et Time at the top (1999).Besides, Elisha character as Danielle in the teen comedy The Girl Next Door.Similarly, she is best famous for her roles in House of Wax, Airspeed (No Control), The Quiet, Captivity and many more.

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Chart Attack: Elisha Cuthbert said on creators] knew Jay [Baruchel] because of their Montreal connections and so they got him onboard. But it still continues to be something that people recognize me from. She was constantly going down to LA and doing things. I really love the movies that he's made and what he does. I continued acting a little bit, but I sort of went right into music. I moved to Toronto when I was 19 and just started pursuing a career in music. That takes up four to five months of the year, when I'm over there. You know, we would all get together and watch the hockey game in the jam space and literally between periods we would play like Tom Petty and Springsteen, kind of just for fun. So we started challenging ourselves to learn more epic songs, without ever playing any shows. So by the time we started playing shows we had this repertoire of songs that we loved playing.

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